3 Ways To Personalize A Children's Tree House

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3 Ways To Personalize A Children's Tree House

3 Ways To Personalize A Children's Tree House

9 June 2016
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For many children, a tree house is like a home away from home. It's a great place to expand their imagination, play games, and have some privacy. As you build and design a tree house for your child, you often want to personalize it and make the area more special. By planning out three different things, you can truly create a tree house environment that feels like their personal space and an area that they can use for numerous years to come.

Wooden Name Plaques

To truly make a tree house feel like it belongs to your child, you can purchase a custom wooden name plaque. A wooden plaque design blends naturally within the tree house and can be hung from a number of areas by using a simple nail. When choosing the custom design, you can select text "Luke's Tree House" or "Luke's Private Club." Along with having different font options, the design of the wooden plaque can feature a number of different themes. For example, if the tree house has a space theme, then you can select moons, rocket ships, and other graphics to border around the text. Embellishments can also be attached to the custom plaque to add a great visual design.

Custom Chalkboard Wall Sign

Children love to play games, write messages, and stay organized in their tree house. You can supply a great way to make signs on a daily basis with the purchase of a custom chalkboard wall sign. Just like a wooden name plaque, a custom chalkboard sign can feature your child's name printed on the outer edge. There are multiple sizes of the sign that you can purchase, giving you plenty of options for the tree house. Along with the sign, you can give different types of colored chalk as a gift. The various colors allow your child to create all types of unique drawings on the chalkboard.

Shelving & Craft Boxes

A tree house is a great place for children to collect items and display various hobbies. One way to help keep the tree house organized is with shelving units and craft boxes. A flat piece of wood can be attached to the side of the tree house to create a stable shelf area. A number of wooden craft boxes offer a durable way to old small knickknacks and collectibles. Craft boxes can be purchased in a number of shapes and designs that are can reflect different tree house themes. This includes stars or animal shapes. Choose a design that will match your child's interest and become a great addition to the tree house.

Planning these gifts as a surprise is a great way to add that extra touch when your child uses the tree house for the first time. To learn more, contact a company like Craftworks Wood & Wire

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